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Bangkok Dusit Condominiums

Condos in Dusit

The famed Dusit district is Bangkok’s political, administrative and cultural centre, home to government offices, ornate temples, as well as the Royal Residence occupying a major site at the heart of the district.

Location within Bangkok

Sandwiched between Phaya Tai and the Chao Phraya River, and just slightly north west of the main city areas, this is one of the oldest areas in Bangkok.

BTS/MRT stations

There are no BTS or MRT stations in the district.

Other main transport links

Several major roads dissect the Dusit district, leading to and from the Krung Thon bridge (traffic outbound to the west and into the city to the east). There are several water routes for river boat taxis.

Major shopping areas

Mainly street side shopping, although the famous Mahaduk fruit market and Bobae market (sells everything) are towards the southern tip of the district.

Recreational features

Plenty of temples, statues and monuments to see, plus a number of historical buildings and museums.

Main condos in Dusit

With most of the land use for government of quasi-government uses, plus cultural related uses, there are not many high-rise condos in the district. Most place to stay are older type lower rise properties or shophouses.

Notable developments in Dusit

Given the nature of the district, which includes the Crown Property Bureau and the Internal Security Service HQs, the only notable new developments will be government or institutionally related.

List of condos in Dusit

Baan Samsen, Baan Suan Sukhothai, Dusit Avenue and Sin Somboon Condominium.

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