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View of Condos in Bangkok CBD areas

Condos in Bangkok’s CBD areas

Oct 31, 2020
Over the last 30 years or so, the evolution of the condominium market in Bangkok’s Central Business District (CBD) ...
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View of Riverside Condos in Bangkok

Riverside Condos in Bangkok, Thailand

Aug 16, 2020
The development of riverside condos in Bangkok is a relatively new phenomenon. Yes, there were some riverside condo ...
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The best areas to buy a condo in Bangkok

Which are the best areas to buy a condo in B...

Jul 19, 2020
You may wonder which are the best areas to buy a condo in Bangkok. As you’d expect, there are many popular location ...
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Tools used to maintain a condos

Maintaining a Condo you’ve bought in B...

Jun 28, 2020
How do you go about maintaining a condo you’ve bought in Bangkok? The common areas of most condos in Bangkok ...
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What knows when buy an off-plan condos in Bangkok

Buying Off-Plan Condos in Bangkok

Jun 21, 2020
Many people thinking of buying a condo in Bangkok consider buying an “off-plan” condo. That is, buying a condo unit ...
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Condos in Bangkok

Buying a Condo in Bangkok: What You Need to ...

May 31, 2020
If you are planning on buying a condo in Thailand, it’s worth checking out some of the processes and costs involved ...
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Renting out a condo

Renting out a condo: key terms of a lease

May 25, 2020
Some people buy a condo in Bangkok to live in and then subsequently decide to lease it to a tenant. Others buy with ...
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Branded Residence and Rental Pool

Branded Residence and Rental Pool in Bangkok

Feb 17, 2020
In another article, we talked about when you are planning to buy a condo in Bangkok, one option may be to buy a “br ...
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Branded Condominiums in Bangkok

Bangkok’s Branded Condominiums

Feb 12, 2020
For anyone considering to buy a condo in Bangkok, one option may be to buy a “branded condo”. That is, a condominiu ...
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Re-Saleability of Condos in Bangkok

Key Factors which Influence the Re-Saleabili...

Feb 05, 2020
If you are looking to buy a condo in Bangkok, you might be intending to hold it for the long-term either as a prima ...
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Old Condo or New Condo - Pros and Cons

Buying an Old Condo or New Condo – Pro...

Jan 26, 2020
When you are planning to buy a condo in Bangkok, you will have a choice between buying a new co ...
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