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Typical Facilities in Bangkok Condo Blocks

Posted by BKK.CONDOS on 14/01/2020

If you are buying or renting a condo in Bangkok, one consideration in your decision making may be the nature of the facilities available in the block you intend to buy or rent in.

With changing times and rising land prices, modern condo blocks tend to have more limited facilities than some of the older blocks. Indeed, a number of the older blocks built, say, 30-35 years ago had really quite extravagant facilities. They may have had large saunas, karaoke rooms, full sized snooker tables, meeting rooms big enough to hold a mini conference and so on. 

It was also not unusual for such blocks to also have a retail or office component. In such cases, you might find a dry-cleaningstore or a mini market or an office wholesaling all sorts of items from the condo block. 

Management and control of such facilities was a problem in some blocks, especially where the said commercial facilities had been sold off to other non-residential owners. But still, with changing attitudes and a tightening up of planning rules in respect of residential blocks, gradually non-compatible uses have ceased.

So, nowadays, with space at a premium, in most modern condo blocks in Bangkok, you tend to get the staple:

• swimming pool: salt or chlorine or, if you are really lucky, natural spring water. The better blocks have partially shaded pools as to have a swimming pool forever under the blistering summer sun is certainly not good for its users. Some high-end blocks have roof top infinity pools for the spectacular views they afford. There might be an extra children’s pool or even an outdoor jacuzzi in some blocks;

Facilities in Bangkok Condominium Blocks

• fitness room: desired as an essential amenity by all but, in reality, used by relatively few. Some fitness room are little more than left over space with around half a dozen cycling machines or generic treadmills. Yet some of the gyms are quite spectacular with modern equipment, space for yoga and/or aerobics, even an instructor or two wandering around ready to help or give lessons on equipment use, asrequired;

• children’s play areas exist in some of those larger blocks close to major schools or where there is no garden area for children to run around in; 

• meeting rooms have become smaller in size over the years and are usually only used for owner’s committee meetings or meeting so of the management staff;

• saunas and, occasionally steam rooms still do appear in some newer blocks but these are confined to maybe one in each of the male and female changing rooms.

For most people planning to buy or rent a condo in Bangkok as pool is the essential. However, there are still plenty of hotels offering memberships of their health and spa facilities memberships or specialised fitness centres giving preferential access for reduced fees so having a full range of recreational amenities in your condo block is no longer as important as it used to be.

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