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Living in Bangkok During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Posted by BKK.CONDOS on 28/03/2020

As we all know, we are seeing unprecedented limitations on the global movement of people and daily travel routines. If you are one of the unfortunate people being affected and are needing to stay in Bangkok, look on the brighter side.
There are far worse places to be confined than the “City of Angels”!
Indeed, over the last 10-14 days, many people from Europe or the UK or the US have been actively renting a condo in Bangkok to “ride out the storm” affecting most of the major countries in the world. Some people have not been able to travel back to their home country and others just feel that it’s better to be here in warmer climes than back in the “West”.
There are also other people who were already contemplating buying a condo in Bangkok who have now made the decision to push ahead and complete their transaction. You can probably guess most of the reasons why it’s better to stay in Bangkok, but let’s summarise a few here:
▪ the cost of buying or renting a condo in Bangkok is much cheaper than in most other capital cities in Asia or in Europe. For, let’s say the equivalent of US$150-200k (Baht 4.8-6.5M), you can buy a very nice condo, or for much less if you only want a studio or place just to sleep in. Renting at US$ 600-900pm (Baht 18.5-28k pm) will get you something more than adequate;
▪ most modern condos blocks have nice facilities such as a pool or gym where you may be able to while away the hours (if they’re open) whilst you self-quarantine or wait for things to get back to normal;
▪ accessibility is generally good to most places in the city with the BTS and/or MRT taking you most places you want to go. No worries about the traffic and one more reason many foreigners like to buy a condo near to one of these rail lines;
▪ even if shopping centres have been closed for 14 days, it should still be possible to use restaurants and pharmacies as required. There’s always likely to be the local Thai noodle stall or food shop or supplier of basic food necessities somewhere around;
▪ medical care is generally high quality in Bangkok with many renowned hospitals and clinics. It’s also relatively cheap unless you go to one of the very high-end medical service centres;
▪ it’s still possible to get home-help or a maid as reasonable prices if you need such assistance.
Of course, we all hope this emergency doesn’t last too long and we can all get back to our regular lives shortly. But if you were thinking of buying a condo in Bangkok, maybe now is the time to upgrade your thoughts to “when shall I buy” from “shall I buy”!

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