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View of Riverside Condos in Bangkok

Riverside Condos in Bangkok, Thailand

Aug 16, 2020
The development of riverside condos in Bangkok is a relatively new phenomenon. Yes, there were some riverside condo ...
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What knows when buy an off-plan condos in Bangkok

Buying Off-Plan Condos in Bangkok

Jun 21, 2020
Many people thinking of buying a condo in Bangkok consider buying an “off-plan” condo. That is, buying a condo unit ...
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Condos in Bangkok

Buying a Condo in Bangkok: What You Need to ...

May 31, 2020
If you are planning on buying a condo in Thailand, it’s worth checking out some of the processes and costs involved ...
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Condos in Bangkok: what’s the likely near-te...

May 10, 2020
Now that Bangkok is gradually getting back into the swing of being Asia’s most popular city again, enquiries for re ...
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Skyline view of condos in Bangkok

The property market for condos in Bangkok

May 04, 2020
Even before the relaxation of some of the Emergency Rules and Regulations from May 3rd, some life was beginning to ...
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Condos in Bangkok

Expectations for Foreign Demand for Condos i...

Apr 27, 2020
Once restrictions relating to travel are eased as the pandemic subsides, it will be interesting to see where the fo ...
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Interior of a condo in Bangkok

Is Buying a Condo in Bangkok a Good Investme...

Apr 19, 2020
It’s interesting to see that there are many people still looking for condos in Bangkok. Agents are still getting en ...
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Condo Market

Bangkok’s Second-Hand Condo Market

Apr 12, 2020
As a follow on to “The Best Time to Buy a Condo in Bangkok” article mainly looking at what developers will do with ...
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Woman thinking to Buy a Condo in Bangkok

The Best Time to Buy a Condo in Bangkok

Apr 05, 2020
As Bangkok stays under partial lockdown and business activities remain curtailed owing to the pandemic, many proper ...
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Living in Bangkok During the COVID-19

Living in Bangkok During the COVID-19 Outbre...

Mar 28, 2020
As we all know, we are seeing unprecedented limitations on the global movement of people and daily travel routines. ...
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Facilities in Bangkok Condo Blocks

Typical Facilities in Bangkok Condo Blocks

Jan 14, 2020
If you are buying or renting a condo in Bangkok, one consideration in your decision making may be th ...
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