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View of Riverside Condos in Bangkok

Riverside Condos in Bangkok, Thailand

Aug 16, 2020
The development of riverside condos in Bangkok is a relatively new phenomenon. Yes, there were some riverside condo ...
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What knows when buy an off-plan condos in Bangkok

Buying Off-Plan Condos in Bangkok

Jun 21, 2020
Many people thinking of buying a condo in Bangkok consider buying an “off-plan” condo. That is, buying a condo unit ...
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Woman thinking to Buy a Condo in Bangkok

The Best Time to Buy a Condo in Bangkok

Apr 05, 2020
As Bangkok stays under partial lockdown and business activities remain curtailed owing to the pandemic, many proper ...
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Coronavirus in Bangkok

Coronavirus in Bangkok: should I buy now?

Mar 21, 2020
Everywhere you look nowadays the main news items have something to do with the coronavirus. So much speculation and ...
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Branded Residence and Rental Pool

Branded Residence and Rental Pool in Bangkok

Feb 17, 2020
In another article, we talked about when you are planning to buy a condo in Bangkok, one option may be to buy a “br ...
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Advantages of Buying a New Condo in Bangkok

5 Key Advantages of Buying a New Condo in Ba...

Dec 02, 2019
It seems as if there is a never-ending supply of new condos being built in Bangkok. Yet people keep buying them! We ...
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